LR Focusable LED

Long Range Focusable LEDs zero in on one specific aspect of your specimen. Specimens with two or more associated minerals are now no longer subject to one temperature light, as every crystal can get the unique attention it needs. Outfitted with stereo-jacks, they plug into all our lighting sockets with ease, making repositioning fast and easy. Fixture heads turn and pivot in all directions for instant, long-lasting, LED light.

  • Available in Black or White
  • Adjustable directional head
  • 1 Watt light
  • Adjustable beam spread
  • Designed for museum applications and longer distances

Available in 3000K or 5000K temperature

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Bring Your Vision to Life

We offer comprehensive display solutions ranging from small light panels that can be retrofitted in existing cabinetry to stunning display cases customizable to any space. From museum to private residences, our presentations haveelevated mineral displays around the world. The options for customization are endless and we are always on hand to work with you to create something extraordinary.